5 Ways To Maintain Your Tires

When it comes to maintaining your car tires, there are five ways to definitely do it with ease. Chances are you are abusing your tires. Don't feel bad. A lot of people don't realize how far their tires could go, how durable they are, as well as what the life of the tire actually is., or even the amount of care that they need. It's important to be spot on when making sure that your tires are in Prime condition so that your vehicle is super safe on the road. To guarantee the life of a tire, there are a few things that you can do like maintaining proper tire pressure, making sure that red is good, as well as just simply paying attention to when you need an alignment or balance. Check out the five ways that you can maintain your tires and keep your car safe on the road.


  1. The easiest thing that you can do to make sure that your car tires are performing to their premium ability is to maintain proper tire pressure. The tires that your vehicle sit on actually keep up your fuel efficiency, provide good traction, as well as stability, and keep you from feeling all of those bumps and holes in the road. However because you hit those bumps and holes in the road you need to maintain proper tire pressure. When tire pressure falls you are in jeopardy of a car accident.

  2. The second thing that you should do in order to Keep your tires running smoothly it should check the tire tread. You can do this with a penny or a quarter. Simply insert the coin with the president's head facing you. You'll want the head to also be facing down towards the tire. If you can see the top of the president's head between the tread grooves of your tire it's time to change your tire.

  3. You should read your car manual in order to better understand when you need an alignment or a tire balance. Do you know when the last time you had your tires aligned or balanced? If the answer to either of those questions is “no” or “I’m not sure” it’s time to see a mechanic. If your tires are on evening and need an alignment, they actually aren't tracking in the same direction when the car is traveling and that means that your suspension is in properly aligned and you will actually have the tires fight each other in opposite directions and cause an accident.

  4. While you're at the mechanic you should also get your tires rotated once every 5000 to 8000 Miles. Tire rotation involve simply swapping out the front and rear tires. This is so they wear evenly - even wear means better fuel efficiency too!

  5. The best way to maintain your tires is to go easy on them. You’ll keep them in better condition if you don’t hot rod your car and peel out. If you do need new tires, check out: Discount Tire. They can better help you maintain tires for optimum car performance!